Labour Force

Find Strength In Our Numbers

The Edmonton region boasts one of the strongest labour markets in Canada, featuring high employment growth and competitive wages across all industries. This has helped attract a growing number of new, young migrants, making Edmonton’s net migration comparable to much larger Canadian cities like Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Like any fully developed and advanced economy, much of our region’s labour force is made up of retail and service-sector occupations. But thanks in large part to our strong ties with one of the world’s largest oil reserves, the Alberta oil sands, Edmonton’s labour force is also characterized by a¬†relatively high number of workers employed in trades, transportation occupations, and other industries that service the energy industry in our province.

Labour Force Summary (2013)

20122013% Change
Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey
Labour force7275007545003.7%
Not in labour force2625002740004.4%

Labour Force by Age and Sex (2013)

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey
15 to 24 years1159005960056300
25 to 54 years517200285500231700
55 to 64 years964004810048300
65 years and over25100169008200

Employment by Occupation

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey
Total employed, all occupations718000100%
Management occupations524007%
Business, finance and administrative occupations12730018%
Natural and applied sciences and related occupations582008%
Health occupations467007%
Occupations in social science, education, government service and religion572008%
Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport170002%
Sales and service occupations17130024%
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations14300020%
Occupations unique to primary industry203003%
Occupations unique to processing, manufacturing and utilities246003%

Employment by Industry

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey
Total employed, all industries718100100%
Forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas288004%
Retail and wholesale trade11930017%
Transportation and warehousing385005%
Finance, insurance, real estate and leasing385005%
Professional, scientific and technical services489007%
Business, building and other support services244003%
Educational services446006%
Health care and social assistance8130011%
Information, culture and recreation228003%
Accommodation and food services450006%
Other services386005%
Public administration382005%

Average Hourly Wages by Industry

Source: Alberta Wage and Salary Survey
All Industries$25.32
Forestry, Logging, Fishing and Hunting$31.12
Oil & Gas Extraction$32.59
Wholesale Trade$23.10
Retail Trade$17.66
Transportation and Warehousing$22.83
Information, Culture, Recreation$18.08
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Leasing$26.17
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services$33.22
Business, Building and Other Support Services$17.93
Educational Services$34.75
Health Care & Social Assistance$28.28
Accommodation & Food Services$12.04
Other Services (Repair, Personal Services and Related)$26.69
Public Administration$34.76