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A wealth of resources, a diverse economy, a thriving energy sector and the insight and expertise to help your business expand, it’s all part of what we deliver.

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Our numbers are rising

More people, more profits and more power to Edmonton business – the data proves that prosperity is at an all-time high across industries and income levels in our region.


Initiative grows here

In Edmonton, the size, scope and reach of your business will expand with the right support and tools, as will your vision and ambition for what you can achieve.


Connect with Edmonton

From collaborative events and festivals, to grassroots initiatives impacting business, government and industry, our city always has something to offer organizations on the move.

We Know Business in Edmonton

The Enterprise Edmonton team offers a wide range of business services and strategies that you can directly apply to your company’s plan for expanding in the Edmonton region, no matter what stage your enterprise is in. We can connect you with the right networks to secure funding, a site of operations, research facilities, everything you need to get your business running right.

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Business thrives in our city

Edmonton is home to one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Rich with natural resources, diverse industries, centres for skills developments, a rapidly expanding population, and the entrepreneurial drive to keep on creating, business leaders come to Edmonton because they know success can happen here. Our region’s booming energy sector helped lay the groundwork, now our economy is poised to create new opportunities for us all.


Establish, develop, expand your enterprise in Edmonton

Our city offers more opportunities for business than nearly any other jurisdiction in North America. Not only do we have the natural and human resources to propel our economy into prosperity for decades, but also the infrastructure, networks and know-how that makes it easy for new businesses to expand in our region. Enterprise Edmonton is ready to help establish your success in our region.


Keep current on industry, innovation and events

Chances for Edmonton’s business, creative and entrepreneur communities to connect and share are integral for innovation and growth in our city. That’s why Enterprise Edmonton is committed to supporting our partners in creating those opportunities, as well as keen to start our own initiatives. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the city – you can too.

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