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Uniquely positioned in Canada and the world as a provincial capital city with a strong economy and big personality, Edmonton is an ideal location to expand your business.

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As a division of Edmonton Economic Development, Enterprise Edmonton takes great pride in our mission to foster economic growth in the  Edmonton Capital Region by working with key industry, government, and non-profit stakeholders locally and internationally.

Whether you are located in Edmonton and area or elsewhere in the world, we can connect you with the information, contacts, opportunities, and insights you need to make critical decisions and bold moves tied to Edmonton’s regional economic future. Together, we can realize your goals, solve a problem, and make big things happen.

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Edmonton’s life sciences industry has potential, now it needs investment

Although Edmonton’s strength in Alberta’s life sciences industry is considerable, one of our biggest hurdles is the lack of capital which can be overcome by highlighting Edmonton as an attractive investment opportunity. Focusing on Edmonton’s strength in medical devices would allow the industry to reach its necessary critical mass to become positioned as a leader in Canada’s life sciences industry.

Edmonton’s Untapped Solar Power Potential

Massive Solar Energy Potential in YEG

Papa, Mama, Teen Burger: Korea Beckons?

A suggestion for the Canadian burger family to make a move into Korea – capitalizing on Canada’s first trade agreement with Asia.