Our Approach

We have extensive local, national and international networks.

We’re connected to the economic movers and shakers in the Edmonton region and across Canada, China, the Middle East, and everywhere in between. And it’s our job to tap into our networks for you.

We offer up-to-date data, useful information and market analysis

Ours is one of the only organizations in the region that has the expertise and capacity to give you tailored market reports to help inform your important business decisions. Why make a decision based on your gut, when you can have all the facts presented to you?

We have an inside track

Given our special relationship with governments, industry associations, influencers, chambers of commerce, and incubators, a lot of essential information and exclusive opportunities come across our desks that we can share with you.

We are diverse

Each member of the Enterprise Edmonton team brings a different perspective. Our backgrounds and expertise are as diverse as the organizations we work with. From manufacturing to art and design to logistics and global markets, we’ve worked in them all and know them inside and out.

We are connectors, influencers, facilitators…and sometimes even disruptors

The Enterprise Edmonton team has been designed to see the big picture. If a meeting or an event is needed, we make it happen. If we recognize potential for two companies to connect, we introduce them. If a speaker is requested to delve into an industry topic matter, we find someone or we can do it. If an industry has potential to further develop, we nurture it. And if someone needs to be the lead, take the leap forward to rattle the system for change, we just do it.

We are experts and instigators

We think and talk a lot about growth. And we take action. Our blog is a good place to start to get to know us better and to get some answers to the growth questions you’ve been asking. Please contact us to learn more.