Custom Research & Analysis

We'll Deliver the Data You Need

If you have a question about Edmonton’s economy, our demographics or anything else that hasn’t been covered yet, Enterprise Edmonton can provide customized research and reports to help you or your business make informed decisions. It’s an easy way for you to get the full perspective on our province before investing time and money.

Some examples of past research include:

Client – A Canadian trucking company considering expanding into Edmonton
Question – What goods are exported from Alberta to Ontario?
Enterprise Edmonton delivered – A detailed list of interprovincial exports for 70 commodities

Client – An American chemical manufacturer choosing between potential plant locations
Question – What are the projected labour costs for several potential sites in Alberta?
Enterprise Edmonton delivered – Average hourly wages for four relevant occupations in each location, plus indicators of labour availability in each location

Client – A local retailer looking at a new location in Edmonton
Question – What is the best location for my business?
Enterprise Edmonton delivered – Detailed demographic, income and household spending reports within a five km radius of multiple potential locations.