Manufacturing Centre of Excellence

About the Manufacturing Centre of Excellence

The Edmonton region is Western Canada’s manufacturing capital. Our manufacturing industry is vital to a more resilient and diversified economy, adding value to our natural resources and unlocking these resources through our innovation and expertise. Exporting our high value manufactured goods to global markets also represents diversification and long-term economic sustainability.

With strong global competition at the forefront, we must continue to seek ways to increase our productivity, build on our innovation success and challenge ourselves to diversify through new markets and customers.

The Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (MCE) provides direct support to organizations looking to increase their productivity, innovation and growth.

Key Benefits

By helping manufacturers develop projects that will drive tangible financial results, using proven service providers and resources when appropriate and then profiling and highlighting the results, MCE creates a more competitive and resilient manufacturing industry for our community.

To earn your MCE seal of excellence, you must complete a project that will bring significant value to your organization. This seal will elevate your credibility and can be used to showcase the productivity or innovation results you’ve achieved with your customers, employees and stakeholders.

Who is eligible?

All manufacturers within the Edmonton Metro region, aligned organizations and proven service providers are eligible to participate in the Manufacturing Centre of Excellence.

Program participation could involve productivity, innovation or growth initiatives with your existing service provider relationships and  may include access to new resources.

Eligible members include:

  • All those that make, manufacture or produce goods/services of all kinds including Fabricated Metal, Machinery, Food Processing, Forestry, Electrical, Plastics, Chemical, etc.
  • All organizations and professionals active in the Edmonton region’s supply chain

The program provides direct support to:

  • Edmonton based manufacturers seeking a culture of continuous improvement
  • Industry leaders looking for the next operational improvement
  • Organizations seeking sustainable improvement in their:
    • Productivity
    • Innovation
    • Growth, through new markets, new products, new solutions from existing products
    • Profitability

Why should your firm consider joining the Manufacturing Centre of Excellence?

  • Increase your PROFITABILITY through productivity, innovation and growth initiatives
  • ENHANCED REPUTATION and  relationships with your customers, employees, supply chain partners and industry
  • LEADERSHIP and professional development via access to a network of like-minded manufacturing leaders and professionals
  • STRENGTHEN your ability to compete in a competitive global market


All organizations interested in improving are eligible to participate and use the services of the centre.
There is no initial cost to access services or resources.
There are two Tiers of Excellence that organizations may earn.

  1.  Member Level
    • To qualify for a member seal of excellence, a local firm must have completed a productivity, innovation or growth related project that produced a tangible financial result (minimum $50,000 of growth or profitability)

  1. Leader Level
    • These leaders have set the bar with their consistent commitment to continuous improvement
    • To qualify, a leader organization will have completed at least 1 approved project each year for a minimum of 3 consecutive years

The Manufacturing Centre of Excellence is an industry led initiative that is member led and membership driven. The centre is guided by an advisory group of proven industry leaders, facilitated by Enterprise Edmonton with support from NRC-IRAP.

MCE advisory group leaders include:

  • All-Weather Windows
  • Karma Machining & Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Drader Manufacturing
  • McCoy Global
  • Metal Fabricators & Welding Ltd.
  • Orion Plastics
  • Plainsman Mfg. Inc.
  • RAM Manufacturing
  • Waiward


The Manufacturing Centre of Excellence pilot project was developed in 2014 from significant industry feedback and research by Enterprise Edmonton, in partnership with NRC-IRAP.

After additional industry feedback and consultation, the centre was officially launched in the market in April 2015. Membership interest and project results achieved in 2015 will be used to determine how to best deliver value to industry in future years.

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Project Leader
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