Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Collectively, the development of land, financial transactions and the de-risking of industry through insurance contribute the largest amount to our city's GDP - making them critical elements of our continued economic growth.

Enterprise Edmonton is committed to attracting new businesses to the area and ensuring that our industry partners like you have the ongoing support to drive your developments and deals forward, enabling you to attract new capital from diverse sources.

Deal Flow

Working to support our industry partners, Enterprise Edmonton is actively involved in leveraging our existing networks, creating new connections and educating our business community on the options for buying and selling businesses in the Edmonton region, as well as the wide-ranging options available for financing deals.

Downtown Development

Undeveloped or underdeveloped land in targeted growth areas make up 53% of Edmonton’s downtown core. In order to revitalize and renew these areas, making them viable for people to work and do business, Enterprise Edmonton works with our development and real estate community and City of Edmonton officials to identify and overcome barriers to growth.