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The Edmonton Research Park (ERP) is Edmonton’s largest centre dedicated to advanced research in medicine, biotechnology, software, cold climate engineering, nanotechnology and clean energy. In operation since 1980, the ERP now hosts more than 1500 people who work with over 55 companies exploring new ideas for business everyday.

Access a variety of facilities and services to accommodate the needs of your business no matter what stage of development you’re in. From incubation for startups that need time to turn their idea into a profitable enterprise, to larger initiatives that need space and support to continue their research and let their business reach its full potential, you’ll find it here.

The Edmonton Research Park (ERP) was established in 1980 for companies with new ideas. Today, more than 1,500 people work for over 55 companies at the ERP. They’re engaged in advanced research in medicine, biotechnology, software, petroleum research, cold climate engineering, nanotechnology and clean energy.

Our Campus

One of the best ways Enterprise Edmonton can support emerging businesses in Edmonton is by creating the right climate, culture and circumstances for you to do your work. That’s why the Edmonton Research Park is such a beneficial institution for Edmontonians. It gives creators like you the space you need to develop your technology company with the right facilities, services and networks.

Simply put, if we can take care of some of the business fundamentals – like Class “A” lease options at very affordable rates – then Edmonton’s start-ups can focus on growth.

Edmonton Research Park offers a range of services to research-driven companies:

  • We operate three buildings in the park designed to nurture research initiatives: the Advanced Technology incubator, Research Centre One for second-stage companies and Biotechnology Development Centre.
  • We make land available for qualified companies planning to build research facilities within four areas of focus: biotechnology, nanotechnology, clean energy and oil and gas support.
  • We manage and maintain the 243-acre campus for a dozen building owners

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