Bringing together the best talent in front of the camera and behind it, scouting the perfect locations for shooting, engaging local business and government to ensure permits and permissions are in order, its all crucial to your success.

Our team of professionals will help you navigate the Edmonton filmmaking landscape through our relationships with the Alberta Film Commission, the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta, and provide access to grants and funding to ensure your film project gets the support it needs.

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“The stage and layout was modern, convenient, and worked very well for us. Crew was great…the crew was 100% Canadian and they were excellent. Of our many local hires, we very impressed with the PC, PD, Art Dir., Props, Costume, Grips, BB, Hair and Key Makeup. All folks who could easily make a living practicing their craft in Los Angeles should they ever decide to migrate to warmer weather. These were people who were not just collecting a paycheck, they were creatively investing in their work and it shows in the final product. I can tell you, some of the features producers look for in a crew hire are passion, dedication and creativity. We found that in Edmonton.

Lastly, the key executives at the Edmonton and Alberta Film Commissions – Brad, Jeff and the Minister of Culture are to be highly commended. They understand the filmmaking business and the art of filmmaking. Difficult concepts for even LA officials to comprehend and we’re supposed to be the worlds’ film capital. Without their constant support and guidance, we’d never have ended up in Edmonton. They were always available and responded quickly when questions arose. Many thanks for their support and belief in what we are doing.

Edmonton is A-OK in my book and I would not hesitate to let other producers know it’s a fine place to shoot.”
– David Buelow, Producer, Freezer, Envision Media Arts

“I could go on and on and on but … I go on record that we were very impressed with the AB producer, crew, studio/stage, but mostly with Brad Stromberg and Jeff Brinton and their respective corporations. A big part of the success was because of their commitment to the project and their willingness to provide support for the project.”
– Rhonda Baker, Producer, Freezer, Envision Media Arts

“How THRILLED we all are to have been named as one of the recipients of the Edmonton Film Prize. I think it’s extra cool that the jury split the award, since as the inaugural prize this will send a clear message to indie productions that they should definitely apply.”
– Trevor Anderson, The Man That Got Away, DirtCity Films

“The location filming of our project in Edmonton and Northern Alberta has been a wonderful experience. This is truly a film friendly community with world-class crews, state of the art facilities and a wide variety of spectacular locations. Fort Edmonton Park is like an undiscovered studio back lot where we have filmed amazing interiors, fantastic exteriors and even set up a 60′ green screen for our VFX shots. There is no doubt that we will do more work in and around Edmonton. A great place…with great people!”
– Doug Yellin, Producer, Fort Edmonton Park Movie, Matilda Entertainment

“You have a great team and we have certainly had a great experiance working here. We have found a great ethic of service and film-friendliness in everyone we have dealt with.”
– Darryl Solly, Locations Manager, Fubar 2

“Thirteen unique one hour movies shot back to back would be a challenge to producer anywhere but with Edmonton’s ‘can do’ attitude, great locations and a supportive environment we pulled it off. Kudos to everyone.”
– Jonathan Hackett, Producer, Fear Itself, Lionsgate Entertainment

“Thank you so much for all your help with crewing up my shoot in Edmonton. At first I didn’t know where to start, but from the moment I spoke with you I felt confident that I was going to get some great people for my show. Your website made it easy to find you and the first person you connected me with, David Benson, was equally as helpful. David then put me in touch with the amazing Pauline Lancaster who really knows her town and gave me some of the best supportive players I’ve come across. Overall my experience of shooting in Edmonton was quick and painless! Many thanks goes out to you and the great crews and locations your town provides.”
– Kellyann Murphy, Line Producer, Party Mamas, Season I

“Edmonton is a real gem and we are most happy to have found it. We look forward to working there.”
– Kevin Beggs, President, Lionsgate Entertainment

“Our crew had an absolutely terrific shoot in Edmonton. The local support staff in Edmonton came through 100%. I understand it was busy for them with a feature in town but we never for a minute felt that. The crew’s experience on a scale of 1 to 5 . . . would be 4.5 for sure! I would heartily recommend shooting in Edmonton to anyone who asks.”
– Lori Greenberg, Line Producer, Designer Guys Productions VI Inc.

“The city of Edmonton has a lot to offer. Everybody is very friendly, the town has tons of personality. I found new and exciting things to do every time I had days off from shooting.”
– John Cheng, Executive Producer, RATT Entertainment

“Thank-you so much for the quality of film. I felt moved to tell you how absolutely blown away and impressed I was.”
– Cindy Montano, Tom Curtain Entertainment, Nashville

“The transfers look great and the customer service was the best I have ever encountered.”
– Philip Boag DVTV, Craig Coffman Productions, New York

“I am pleased to see that the Edmonton Filmed Entertainment Fund has helped bring a project like FREEZER to Edmonton. In the past, projects like FREEZER end up with the post production (editing and audio post production) being completed in the bigger centres such as L.A, Vancouver or Toronto. In this case, I am thrilled to be part of the audio post production for FREEZER. In doing, it creates jobs, builds skills and small businesses like mine grow while building on the infrastructure of our media industry.”
– John Blerot, Johnny Blerot Sound Inc. Edmonton, Freezer

“The best service in Western Canada.”
– Paul Ziller, Artsy Fartsy Pictures, Vancouver

“I found the crews to be well rounded in all aspects of the film making process. There was a team effort in the making of these films, which is something you don’t often see in Hollywood these days. Everyone was relaxed, kind, capable, accommodating, professional and did their jobs the best to their abilities. I look forward to returning to Edmonton in the near future to continue my working relationship and friendships with the great people of the Edmonton film community.”
– Howard Berger, KNB EFX Group, Inc.

“Edmonton was further north than I have ever been before but it was worth it when I got there.”
– Craig McNeil, Granada, USA