More on migration in major Canadian cities

Edmonton is among the fastest growing Canadian cities. Who’s moving to Edmonton, and how do we compare to other large Canadian cities?

Visualizing Canada’s westward shift

Since 2006, Western Canada has experienced very high levels of population growth and in-migration. This data visualization compares the inter-city migration patterns of Canada’s major cities in 2011.

Edmonton and Northern Alberta needs TFW’s

The new statistics now forecast a shortage of 96,000 workers in Alberta by 2023. We can’t train our own fast enough!

The Zettabyte Appetite

Are we ready for open-source supply chains with unlimited global access and visibility of goods movement? Not yet, but soon..

Inclusive Unconventional Fort McMurray

Who would expect a successful local business person who is a cross-dressing Karaoke singer would be welcomed in Fort McMurray? Well get used to it.

Edmonton Labour Market Update: February 2014

This morning Statistics Canada released the January 2014 Labour Force Survey data. Here are a few quick highlights for the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area.

What is EEDC doing to help with labour shortages in the greater Edmonton area?

Almost 14,000 jobs are under active recruitment within a 50 km. radius of Edmonton – we can help!

Petrocultures 2014: Oil, Energy & Canada’s Future

PETROCULTURES will bring together leading figures to discuss and debate the role of oil and energy in shaping social, cultural and political life in Canada at present and in the future.

Canada’s North: Edmonton’s Economy & NWT Devolution

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) currently makes decisions on behalf of its residents similar to a provincial government, with the exception of the administration and management of public lands, water resources, and mineral resources and on-shore oil and gas management.

Where in Canada is it easiest for young adults to get ahead financially?

‘Getting ahead’ can obviously mean a wide range of things to different people, but a couple of metrics we could use to answer this question are median incomes and levels of home ownership.