Innovators Export More

The transportation equipment manufacturing industry in Canada exports the most of any manufacturing subsector, $74.8 billion to the U.S. alone in 2013.

How Unusual Was the August Jobs Report?

Canada’s last jobs report set some records and raised some eyebrows. Before doubting the report, it’s important to place it in statistical context.

The Challenge of Measuring Entrepreneurship, Part 2

Data on Canada’s billionaires can help us measure city entrepreneurship in a different way.

The Challenge of Measuring Entrepreneurship, Part 1

Cities across Canada love the idea of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, it’s a tricky concept to measure.

The Bali Package

Understanding the implications of the Bali Package

What We Don’t Know About Edmonton

The number of things we don’t know about Edmonton’s economy may surprise you.

Edmonton businesses and the ECB

How will the negative deposit rate instituted by the European Central Bank impact Edmonton businesses?

The Data-Driven Case for Infill Policy in Edmonton

The City is proposing changes to Edmonton’s infill policy. Zoning data can tell us why those changes are necessary.

Charting a New Course for Aboriginal Business in Edmonton

Aboriginal business owners see themselves as successful and are positive about the future.

Who visits Edmonton?

Edmonton welcomes over 6 million tourists per year. Where do they come from, and why do they visit?